Hot Oil Wax Removal Equipment Made in China

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Hot Oil Wax Removal Equipment Made in China

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〓 Company History :
※ From 2002 to 2005, independent research and development of the second generation of new equipment BJ103BS trailers, and gradually broaden the market.
※ In 2006-2007, our company obtained 6 technical patents of the State Intellectual Property Office, Sinopec News Network, Daqing Net,
Digital journals and China Machinery Network have made relevant reports.
※ In 2008, it was awarded the "Key New Technology and New Products for Energy Saving and Emission Reduction in China" and "National High Technology"."The state's key cultivation companies and the "Eleventh Five-Year Key Fostering Companies" have become the country's emission reduction and energy-saving equipment. At present, it is the world's most advanced equipment.
※ In 2009, our company invested a lot of money in equipment for technological innovation and development of new ideas.R & D equipment and parking spaces integrated multifunctional new equipment.
※ After the technological innovation in 2010, the equipment type BJ111BS has been put into use in the Henan oilfield.Follow-up continued to intensify the in-depth study of well-washing technology.
※ In 2011-2012, steam technology was added to the original technology, and the Northeast Petroleum Bureau,Jiangsu oilfields and other places are put into use.
※ Since 2012, our company has obtained 14 patents for inventions, utility models and design technologies from the State Intellectual Property Office.
※ From 2013 to 2015, R&D and production of a fully automatic multi-purpose well-cleaning truck BJ112 well-washing vehicle.
※ In 2016, R&D and manufacturing strengthened superconductor technology in wax removal equipment.The BJ113 and BJ114 superconducting multi-functional well cleaning equipment have been sold to Ulan Bator, Mongolia.
※ In 2017, we produced superconducting multi-functional well-washing equipment for offshore platforms.
〓 Product application range
1. Applicable to land wells, offshore oil wells, natural gas wells, water injection wells, pumping wells, screw pump wells, electric pump wells, self-spray wells, pump oil wells 500m ~ 3500m;
2. Applicable to oil wells with fluid production of 1t/d to 200t/d;
3. Suitable for oil wells with 0 to 98% water content;
4. Applicable to oil wells with oil-gas ratio below 200 m3/t;
5. Applicable to oil wells with 2" and 4" - 7" tubing.
6. Applicable to wells with different voltages and wellsites without power supply;
7. Suitable for a variety of on-site voltage (220V, 380V, 660V, 1140V);
8. Applicable to test pressure, leak detection, inspection sleeve, and blocking of various oil wells;
9. Suitable for downhole operations and workover rigs, supporting fracturing vehicles, cleaning fouling in pumping units, wellheads, vehicles, tanks, tubing, and oil pipelines, thawing and heavy oil dilution and use of casing and ground pipeline equipment. In the field operations of steam, etc.; can also be used as an active heat source, widely used in the cleaning of various equipment construction.
〓 Regional Markets and Achievements of Product Sales
The products are used in the production practices of Daqing, Changqing, Tarim, Shengli, Zhongyuan, Henan, Jiangsu, Huabei, Huanan, Huadong, Northeast, Jidong, and Mongolia. Unanimously praised by users. The successful launch of the oil field superconductivity multi-functional well-washing equipment and the promotion and use of major oil fields have also attracted the attention of major news media in the country: People's Daily, China Petrochemical, Henan Oil, Zhongyuan Petroleum, Henan TV, etc. Give strong reports separately!Hot Oil Wax Removal Equipment Made in China

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