Customized Prefabricated Box Girder Formwork For Public Road

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Customized Prefabricated Box Girder Formwork For Public Road

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Highway prefabricated box girder hydraulic template
1. Application Scope: prefabrication of various types of highway box girder
The template consists of a side mold, an end mold, and an inner mold. The bottom mold uses a concrete pedestal. The side mold is composed of a transverse mold rib panel and a bracket. The side mold adopts a fixed position structure (side mold encircle end mold), and the length of the joint is divided according to the span of the partition. The inner mold is composed of transverse ribs, panels and supports.
Both the side mold and the inner mold adopt hydraulic control folding technology, which reduces the investment of manual and mechanical equipment of the template and reduces the use cost.
2. Pedestal
According to the design requirements for template, the layout of the prefabricated pedestal and the layout of the track are required. Especially, the lateral spacing of the prefabricated pedestal is large. The traditional design for pedestal has a lateral spacing about 5 meters, while the designed lateral spacing for the pedestal of self-propelled integral hydraulic is 6 meters. In addition, the height of the pedestal should be specially considered. The height of the traditional formwork pedestal is generally 20-30cm, but taking the displacement of the ascending and descending , the self-propelled integral hydraulic slab ‘s pedestal is set to 50cm high.
3. The Outer Mold
A trolley is arranged at the bottom of the outer mold for the falling and traversing of the template. The trolley is placed with jacking cylinder and spiral strut, and the ground is designed with pre-buried the rail, so that the trolley can slide out easily.
4. Hydraulic System
The hydraulic system trolley is fixed to the side molds and is divided into horizontal hydraulic system and vertical hydraulic system so that the whole side mold’s vertical movement and lateral adjustment during the installation and removal of the formwork can be realized.
5. The Core Mold
Also known as inner mold. The steel plate is set at the bottom for sliding out the template and preventing slurry. The template is divided into two pieces, left and right. After one side is folded, the other side will be folded then. After the completion, the two sides will move to the middle to facilitate sliding out.
Customized Prefabricated Box Girder Formwork For Public Road

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