China Rubber Roller suppliers

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China Rubber Roller suppliers

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Rubber Roller sleeves are an ideal way to recoat your rollers onsite if you don’t have any spares and want to avoid excessive down time. They are extremely tough and durable and are commonly used for coating conveyor rollers in a wide range of industries. Our white sleeves are food approved making them popular for use in the food and pharmaceutical sector. Polyurethane roller sleeves are installed by the use of an air line and nozzle to create a bearing plane under the sleeve allowing you to slide the sleeve onto the roller shaft.
Traction for inclines and conveyor lines.
Our roller advantages
Good wear resistance
High tensile strength
High load capacity
High-temperature resistant
Excellent dynamic mechanical formulation
Good Oil & Solvent resistance
Hydrolysis resistance
AntioxidantChina Rubber Roller suppliers

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