Servo Stamping Press factory

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Servo Stamping Press factory

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Optional accessory devices
1. Tonnage meter(Electronic display)
2. Air cushion device
3. Hydraulic die locking device
4. Die moving support
5. Die changing trolley
6. Peripheral automation
7. IPC(Remote diagnosis function/program version upgrade)
8. Mold area light
9. Special power supply
10. Front and rear safety doors/fences/ladders
11. Slide knocking device
12. The quantity of two hands press button stations adding
13. Mold safety plug
14. Rear light curtain (Made in China)
Knuckle Servo Precison Press
Parameter Double Crank
Nominal ForceKN2000250030004000600010000
Nominal Force DistanceMM77771010
Continuous EnergyJ2000020000270003700070000110000
Stroke LengthMM200200200250280300
Unloaded Continuous Stroke NumberSPM-120-100-80-90-80-60
Die HeightMM450450550650700700
Slide AdjustmentMM70100150100120120
Slide Area (LR*FB)MM1500*8001600*7001800*8502000*9002100*10002200*1100
Bolster Area (LR*FB)MM1500*10001600*7501800*10002000*10002100*11002200*1200
Bolster Area ThicknessMM200200220250280300
Max. Upper Die WeightKG150015002000250030004000
Side Opening(FB*H)MM600*400600*400650*700680*600730*650780*650Servo Stamping Press factory

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