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Press Section Of Paper Machine factory

Publicado: 15 Jul 2019, 02:54
por dwp199488
Compared with common press roll, groove press roll dewater easily, demanding lower linear pressure and thicker rubber coating better to reduce the crowing of the roll, to avoid the uneven dewatering. when pressing, the direction of felt and paper are very important, once arriving the exit, the water should take away from the felt immediately, same for the felt and groove to prevent the water back to the felt and paper. Felt and groove must be clean to dewater.
We can customize according to different requirements of customers
Maximum Diameter 1600mm
Maximum Face Length 14000mm
Elements: shell, journal, bearing house, bearing
(1) shell: cast iron
(2) journal: cast steel or nodular cast iron
(3) bearing house: gray cast iron or nodular cast iron
(4) Bearing: SKF or FAG, etc
(5) roll coating: rubber, grooved
Dynamic Balance In Accordance With ISO1940 Standards
Quality Grades G1.0, G1.6 and G2.5Press Section Of Paper Machine factory