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China Dry Electromagnetic Separator technology

Publicado: 15 Jul 2019, 02:53
por dwp199488
The purification equipment of the feldspar dry powder is that the main mineral in the feldspar powder is the antimagnetic feldspar powder, which can not be magnetized in the magnetic field. The iron containing impurities in the feldspar powder: hematite, limonite, magnetite, goethite and so on are all magnetic materials and can be magnetized in the magnetic field. In the magnetic separation process, we use the difference of this property to separate magnetic minerals from non-magnetic minerals, and remove these iron impurity minerals from feldspar powder by magnetic separation.
Feldspar, one of the most common minerals in the continent, is a common type of aluminosilicate minerals containing calcium, sodium and potassium. The feldspar can be divided into two types: potassium feldspar and plagioclase. Potassium feldspar is commonly used for cassette twin crystal. The identification of thin section is that under the orthogonal polarizer, the extinction of twin crystal is composed of two parts: black, white and white. This is also a difference between the plagioclase and orthoclase. Generally plagioclase is polycrystalline. Plagioclase is also composed of albite, feldspar, medium feldspar, feldspar, feldspar and andesite, all of which are mixtures of isomorphism, less and less sodium from left to right, and more calcium. Feldspar has a wide range of applications in all fields of industry.China Dry Electromagnetic Separator technology