Electrochemical Gas Sensor suppliers

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Electrochemical Gas Sensor suppliers

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Phosphine Electrochemical Sensor EC-4PH3-1000
EC-4PH3-1000 is a Phosphine sensor which detects Phosphine in level from 0-1000 ppm.This product is for fixed and portal applications for detection of Phosphine (PH3) in industrial,environmental and life safety protection fileds.
Phosphine (PH3) Electrochemical Sensor EC-4PH3-1000 can be retrofitted easily to existing product designs.
Dimensions in millimeters(±0.1mm)
Target Gas and Concentration
GasP/NOperating principleDetection Range
PH3EC-4PH3-10003-electrode electrochemical0~1000ppm
Gas Sensitivity Characteristics
GasConcentration & Output Current
Phosphine (PH3)0.07 ± 0.05μA/ppm
Ratings & environment
Response Time(T90)≤60s
Repeatability<±2% signal
Long term output Drift<2% signal/month
Resolution1 ppm
Recommended Load5~30 Ω
Bias Voltage0 mV
Operating Temp. Range-20℃~ 50℃
Operating Humidity15% RH ~ 90% RH(non-condensing)
Operating Pressure Range800 ~ 1200 mbar
Storage & Shelf Life
Recommended Storage Temperature0℃~ +20℃ in sealed package
Expected Operating Life24 months in air
Storage Life6 months in original package
Standard Warranty18 months from the date of delivery
Cross Sensitivity Data
(ppm)Output Signal
(ppm PH3 equivalent)
Hydrogen Sulphide156
Nitric oxide300.5
Nitrogen Dioxide5-1
Carbon Monoxide2000
Temperature Data
Sensitivity Temperature DependenceElectrochemical Gas Sensor suppliers

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